Accredited Handyman Services is a fully licensed and insured handyman business that provides honest and reliable handyman services in San Mateo and surrounding areas. Each task is distinct and quoted based on what work needs to be done. They specialize in minor tasks such as changing multiple light bulbs, installing grab bars, trouble shooting computers, researching mobility equipment, painting a room in the house, and basically any task that only takes a few hours to complete. Formerly available by referral only and through Accredited Caregiver Specialists, Accredited Handyman Services is now accessible to all.

Location & Phone

PO Box 205

Email: [email protected]


24 Hour Phone Line


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"I needed my front door hinges to be rehung to properly seal from the winds and loose board on my patio to be nailed down. Kam provided great and easy service from first contact to finish. I appreciated the formal paperwork, his coming over for assessment, and turnaround in 3 days. He explained his process, answered questions, and I'm very happy with the results. I recommend Kam / ACS Handyman to others and would call them again."

San Mateo County Resident

"Kam is a true professional handyman! He came up with a solution for my small project and delivered a high quality fix. I'd recommend him and his agency for any handyman project."

Lori R.

"I needed help fixing a towel rack and some hooks in my washroom. I received a very reasonable quote from Kam. He made sure he understood the work that needed completion, asked clarifying questions and gave some great suggestions on the task. Furthermore, Kam was very prompt and respectful in his communication, arrived on time and finished the job perfectly. I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend Kam / Accredited Handyman Services."

Timir S.